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ESG Investing, Viraj Desai, INDVSTRVS, Environmental Sustainable Goverance

ESG Investing Trends in Asia

Environmental, social and governance investing (ESG) is gaining traction, with a University of Oxford study suggesting strong sustainability practices deliver better investment performance over time. By Viraj Desai Asian countries are adopting the ESG norms at a much slower pace as compared to western counterparts. Currently, more than 72 percent of the S&P500 companies report

Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, Dr Ghule, Magicdil Health, Indian Railways, One Rupee Clinic

Indian Railways Launches Two Cent Health Clinic

To provide affordable emergency health care services to commuters, Indian Railways in conjunction with Magicdil Health opened a two-cent 24-hour health clinic, popularly known as the ‘One Rupee Clinic’. By Jagdish Kumar The first clinic was opened in Central Railway, one of seventeen railway zones headquartered in Mumbai in a joint venture with the organisation

Cirrus, Vision Jet, private jet, corporate jet, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Cirrus Aircraft Launches World’s Cheapest Private Jet

With a view to provide affordable corporate jet services, US-based aircraft manufacturer, Cirrus Aircraft launched Vision Jet, valued at AUD 2.62 million. In the category of very light jets, Cirrus claims it’s the cheapest corporate jet available on the market as the average market rate of Business Jets is around AUD 16 million. By Jagdish

e-waste, e-waste management, landfill, INDVSTRVS, viraj desai, asia waste, waste in asia

E-Waste in Asia is Everyone’s Responsibility

If you’re thinking of upgrading your phone that still works, go ahead, but spare a thought for the number of devices ending up as electronic waste in landfills. By Viraj Desai While electronic waste was a problem that existed even a decade back, the availability of mobile phones and other electronic products at rock-bottom prices

data colonisation, data, data analytics, INDVSTRVS, joseph smith, privacy, online privacy

Data is New Colonialism

Data is not the new oil. It is the new land that is being rapidly colonised by corporations with the means to exploit this new resource. By Joseph Smith We are giving up our details hand over fist for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, free applications and subscriptions and inadvertently in our dealings with banks, insurance

Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, The European Extremely Large Telescope, E-ELT, Atacama Desert, Chile, Astronomy, European Southern Observatory

Chile Constructs World’s Largest Telescope

Construction of the World’s largest telescope has commenced in Chile. Located on a 3,000-metre-high mountain in the middle of the Atacama Desert, this project is funded by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), a consortium which includes Brazil, Germany, France and Britain. By Jagdish Kumar Conceived by the ESO, The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) is

autonomous vehicle, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, vietnam, FPT Corporation, self driving cars

Vietnam’s FPT Corporation Develops Cheap Autonomous Vehicles System

Vietnam based company, FPT, part of FPT Corporation has entered the global autonomous vehicle market, with the aim to commercialise affordable, market entry autonomous vehicles. By Jagdish Kumar Competing with industry titans like Apple and Google, which is rolling out prototypes of autonomous vehicles, FPT is developing technology that will help to commercialise a low-cost

water crisis, private public partnerships, water crisis in Asia, Viraj Desai, INDVSTRVS

Public-Private Partnerships Urgently Needed to Resolve Water Crisis in Asia

The demand for clean water is growing at a scorching pace, with an estimate that over a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. The situation may worsen as the United Nations claims that over half of countries worldwide is facing an impending water crisis. By Viraj Desai Asia, home to three

fighter jets india, INDVSTRVS, make in india, indian defence ministry, jagdish kumar, indvstrvs

Private Players to Build Fighter Jets, Submarines in India

Due to growing defence needs and its ‘Make in India’ mandate, India is allowing private companies to build fighter jets and submarines. By Jagdish Kumar Defence Minister Arun Jaitley says that the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) board has finalised policy aimed at engaging the Indian private sector in the manufacture of high-tech defence equipment in

Nasdaq, Hong Kong Exchanges, HKEX, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Nasdaq Signs Tech Deal with Hong Kong Exchanges

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) signs tech deal with the World’s first electronic stock market, Nasdaq, to upgrade its derivatives market platform by 2018. By Jagdish Kumar Hong Kong Exchanges will use Nasdaq Financial Framework architecture for trading, clearing and real-time risk management technologies. Nasdaq has been a technological partner of the Hong Kong

Infosys, Infosys Nia, Artificial intelligence, INDVSTRVS, jagdish kumar, automation, AI

Infosys Launches Second-Gen Integrated AI Platform

It’s official. We’ve entered an AI race. As competition in artificial intelligence and automation is heating up, companies jostle for market share, with Infosys leading the way, announcing its most recent launch, Nia, a next-generation Artificial Intelligence Platform. By Jagdish Kumar This comes a year after Infosys launched its first-generation AI platform, Infosys Mana, and

AAGC, Asia-Africa Growth Corridor, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, OBOR, China

India, Japan Maps Asia-Africa Growth Corridor to Counter China’s OBOR

With a view to counter China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) project, India and Japan announced at the May 2017 AGM of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Gujarat that they will come together to develop an Asia-Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC). By Jagdish Kumar The aim of the AAGC will be to improve growth and

artificial intelligence, robotics, AI, INDVSTRVS, Archana Khatri Das

World Bank Predicts 600 Million Job Losses Worldwide by 2032

Trends emerging globally around the application of robotics, artificial intelligence, and rising protectionism in some countries is creating a seismic shift in job profiles across sectors, with some vocations marked for death by 2020. By Archana Khatri Das From the beginning of the industrial revolution to till now, businesses pursue technological advancements to keep overhead

Jagdish Kumar, foreign Investment, INDVSTRVS, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Tunisia Seeks Foreign Funds for Major Infrastructure Projects

The Tunisian Government is looking to raise AUD 43 billion (30 billion euros) by seeking bids on 140 ventures – from infrastructure and agricultural projects to hi-tech schemes to prevent future political unrest. Jagdish Kumar To save Tunisia from political unrest, much more investment is needed to put the North African nation back on the

Venezuela, China, loan, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Venezuela & China Sign Billions in Development Deal

In order to enhance co-operation between the two countries, Venezuela and China have entered into development agreements worth AUD 3.63 billion. The deal was signed at the 15th meeting of the China-Venezuela High-Level Mixed Commission in Caracas earlier this year. By Jagdish Kumar Under the deal, 22 new agreements were signed in which China will

jagdish kumar, foreign direct investment, india, INDVSTRVS

India World’s Highest FDI Destination

With the investment landscape changing dramatically last year due to recession and stagnate growth in many established economies worldwide, India managed to rise as the world’s highest foreign direct investment (FDI) destination in 2016. By Jagdish Kumar India attracted AUD 85 billion in 2016, making it the world’s premier greenfield Foreign Direct Investment destination for

HPE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jagdish Kumar, Pure Storage, INDVSTRVS, Cicso, Meg Whitman

HP Enterprise Funds Start-ups in South East Asia

Amid fierce competition, after building a solid forty-year footprint in Singapore, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) aims to invest AUD 188 million in start-up ventures in Singapore over the next five years. By Jagdish Kumar In a collaboration with Singapore Economic Development Board, HP Enterprise is proposing to allocate AUD 21.49 million to nurture local start-ups in

bio-metric, aadhaar, identity, india, Archana Khatri Das, INDVSTRVS

Indian Residents Set to Have One Universal Bio-Metric Identity

The largest democracy in the world is on the path to allocate a single bio-metric identity to 1.3 billion Indians, which may become their only identity on Earth. However, the absence of privacy laws and a digital regulator casts a shadow on the security of the world’s largest biometric database. By Archana Khatri Das Foreigners

NLC India, India, Jagdish Kumar, thermal power, solar power, lignite, renewable energy

NLC India to Invest AUD 2.63 Billion in Thermal, Solar Power in Odisha

Chennai-based Government owned company, NLC India (formerly Neyveli Lignite Corporation), has chalked out plans to invest AUD 2.63 billion in thermal and solar projects across Odisha. By Jagdish Kumar NCL India is undertaking major design and constructs of coal-based, solar and thermal power plants across Odisha, India. Its first project will be construction of a

electric mobility, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, electric cars

India Targets All-Electric Mobility by 2030

A transition to shared electric mobility would save enough energy to power 1.8 million homes and drop carbon emissions up to 37 percent in India by 2030. By Jagdish Kumar In order to achieve its ambitious carbon emissions goals, India is moving towards a complete shift to electric cars by 2030 according to a report

Siemens Gamesa, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, wind, solar

Siemens Gamesa Plans AUD3.42 Billion in Wind & Solar in India

Spanish renewable energy giant Gamesa, which recently merged with Siemens Wind Power to rebrand as Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has announced its plans to scale its operations and plans investments in India. By Jagdish Kumar Siemens Gamesa is making ambitious plans to implement utility-scale wind and solar power projects in the Indian state of Andhra

President Trump, Saudi Arabia, Jagdish Kumar, US Saudi, INDVSTRVS, Lockheed Martin

Saudi Arabia Pledges to Invest AUD 53 Billion in US Infrastructure

Relations between the U.S and Saudi Arabia takes a positive turn after President Trump kick started his tour of the Middle East with his first official visit arriving in Saudi Arabia in May 2017. The Saudi Arabia Sovereign Wealth Fund will be investing in President Trump’s infrastructure plan to a tune of AUD 53 billion,

Fintech, Viraj Desai, INDVSTRVS, Bank of China,

Fast Fintech Adoption Pivots Fortune to Banks in Asia

Banking sector fortunes are shifting worldwide. While US and European banks have dominated the banking system for the past century, emerging markets in Asia led by China, Japan and India have led to Asian institutions edging past some of their global counterparts, in large part due to agile adoption of Fintech solutions. By Viraj Desai

tourism in asia, growth of tourism in asia, viraj desai, INDVSTRVS

Growth of Tourism to Asia Encourages Greater Regional Integration

We take a bird’s eye view of Asia’s hottest tourist destinations and look at what’s driving it, the tourist demographic and where the biggest spends are to be found. By Viraj Desai With greater awareness and cultural curiosity being driven by globalisation, a rising Asian middle-class and travel affordability are all driving massive tourism growth

MENA, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, Dubai, tech hub, digital economy, UAEstartups

UAE Leads Investment in Digital Worth AUD 1.07 Billion

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has attracted growing foreign investment of AUD 1.07 billion in its digital sector during the past three years.  For the fourth consequence year, the UAE has been a preferred destination for tech start-up hubs accounting for 33 percent of all investors in the MENA region. By Jagdish Kumar According to a

jagdish kumar, INDVSTRVS, fintech, brazil, goldman sachs

Goldman Sachs Say Fintech Sector Has Huge Potential in Brazil

Global consultancy firm, Goldman Sachs says financial technology will flood the traditional banking financial system in its latest report, ‘Fintech Brazil’s Moment‘ released in May 2017. By Jagdish Kumar According to the report, more than 200 companies in Fintech would generate a whopping AUD 32.17 billion in revenue over the next decade. Goldman Sachs has

Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, windfarm portugal, Ancora Wind, Coriance, European Fund, First State Investments

First State Investments raises AUD 1 Billion for European Infrastructure Fund II

The European Diversified Infrastructure Fund II, managed by First State Investments, has completed its first fundraising series. EDIF II, the successor fund to EDIF I, will pursue the same investment strategy of constructing a core/core+ infrastructure portfolio of assets targeting primarily utility, energy and transportation investments across Europe. By Jagdish Kumar In order to fund

virtual doctor, online consultation, Archan Khatri Das, INDVSTRVS

Virtual Doctor Consultation Goes Global

While trade and big business goes global, healthcare has followed suit. With more than 100,000 Apps and health-related websites now connecting patients with doctors on-line, questions are being raised about the absence of a global regulatory body as well as the legality and problematics of on-line diagnosis… By Archana Khatri Das For the mobile-first, digitally-centred

The European Fund for Strategic Investments, EFSI, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, EU

EU Breaks with Tradition, Seeks AUD1.47 Billion for Transport Infrastructure from Private Sector

The European Commission (EU) will be investing AUD 1.47 billion to provide better connectivity among European nations. To achieve this, it is currently seeking grants for the first time from the private sector, claiming its new approach will drive innovative financial solutions to fund transport infrastructure projects across Europe. By Jagdish Kumar Under the project

Bandaranaike International Airport, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, Colombo Airport

Bandaranaike International Airport Installs South Asia’s First LED Runway 

The aviation sector is booming in South Asia, as economic growth and a surge in tourist arrivals in the last decade have propelled Sri Lanka to modernise the Bandaranaike International Airport’s runway as well as a new airport terminal upgrade. By Jagdish Kumar According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015, Sri Lanka is

Nuclear Power Plants in India, Jagdish Kumar, Nuclear Power, INDVSTRVS

India to Construct Ten Nuclear Power Reactors

Despite protest from China, India is pressing ahead with its plan to boost its domestic nuclear power program following India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s announcement that the Government has approved construction of ten units of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR) at a Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs meeting on 17 May 2017. By Jagdish Kumar The Indian

OBOR, One Belt One Road, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar, President Xi Jinping, China old silk road

China Overhauls 2,000 Year Silk Route with OBOR Project Premised on Peaceful Co-existence

Chinese President Xi Jinping Unveils China’s One Belt, One Road project at the opening ceremony of the OBOR Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing on 14 May 2017.  The 2000 years old Silk route linking China to Central Asia and the Arab world is under review with China pledging AUD124 Billion into infrastructure investment

Nigeria Rail Upgrades, Nigeria high speed rail, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Nigeria to Undertake Major Railway Upgrades & High-Speed Rail

Nigeria is undertaking a once-in-a-generational rail modernisation initiative, with multiple railway upgrades and a new, digitally-operated high speed rail network at a total cost estimate of AUD 30 Billion. By Jagdish Kumar In order to expand its ageing railway network across the country, one of Africa’s fastest emerging economies, Nigeria, is seeking an AUD 8.09

Qatar Electric, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Qatar Electric Awards Contract Worth AUD 3.05 Billion

With a view to expand electricity infrastructure in the country within an ambitious delivery date target, Qatar’s General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) recently awarded power infrastructure projects worth AUD 3.05 billion. By Jagdish Kumar Qatar Electric’s project part of Phase 13 of the Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion plan has been awarded to various local

Philippines, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Philippines Invests AUD 89 Billion on Infrastructure Projects to Reduce Poverty

Focusing on developing the country’s infrastructure, Philippines has chalked out plans under its Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Plan (TRIP) to improve infrastructure in its poorest regions. The Philippine Government says its planned projects will create 1.6 million jobs annually, and will help to decrease poverty from 21.6 percent in 2015 to 13 to 15 percent by

Qatar Airways, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar

Qatar Airways Plans New Airline in India

With India opening up its airline sector to allow 100 percent foreign direct investments (FDI), Qatar Airways was quick off the mark, announcing plans to enter the Indian market with a new airline company at the recent ITB Berlin International Travel Trade Show. Jagdish Kumar The Doha based airliner says it will set up a

SASEC, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, tourism

South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation Eye AUD93 Billion in Travel Tourism

South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) which includes India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Myanmar is eyeing AUD 93 billion GDP in trade and tourism by 2025. By Jagdish Kumar Following deliberations with Finance Ministers from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Myanmar meeting in New Delhi, April 2017, India, along with

Myanmar, France, Jagdish Kumar, FMCCI, INDVSTRVS

Myanmar & French Chambers of Commerce Sign MoU

With a view to increase trade opportunities between France and Myanmar, the French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (FMCCI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) early May 2017. By Jagdish Kumar Under the MoU, companies from both countries propose to work together to

bank-chain, blockchain, jagdish kumar, INDVSTRVS

Blockchain Banking Consortiums Signals Serious Job Losses by 2020

Since India’s largest public sector bank, State Bank of India (SBI) announced the formation of the country’s first such exploration consortium for banks, Bank-Chain, during an industry meeting in Mumbai in February earlier this year, there’s been a lot of positive industry feedback. However, there’s been little discussion around the impact of the inevitable, major employment

Shinzo Abe, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, Japan, India, clean energy, renewables, HSBC

Japan Among Top Five Industry Investors in India

During the Prime Minister of Japan’s Shinzo Abe’s recent visit to India, Abe says that the Japanese Government has made available a special financial package of over AUD 16 billion for Japanese companies wanting to invest in India. By Jagdish Kumar Heavy investment in clean energy and manufacturing sectors looks set to heat up with

Kristalina Georgieva, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, World Bank CEO

World Bank Pledges Billions in Maharashtra

The World Bank’s CEO Kristalina Georgieva pledges to lend Maharashtra funds to invest in urban transport, rural water supply and India’s agricultural sector over the next three years. By Jagdish Kumar With a view to improving infrastructure in India’s second populous state, the World Bank will be investing AUD2.63 billion to AUD3.9 billion in Maharashtra.

SVOD, Archana Khatri Das, INDVSTRVS, streaming video on demand, pay tv

SVOD Killing Video Tsars

Streaming Video on Demand is projected to outmode traditional broadcast programming and cable TV.  According to Digital TV Research, SVOD is expected to capture 428 million subscribers across 200 countries by 2021- a spike in growth of more than 140 percent since 2015. By Archana Khatri Das Binge watchers rejoice. With high production value, original

Viraj Desai, INDVSTRVS, clean energy, renewables in asia

Asia Leaves Developed Nations Behind with Fastest Growth in Clean Energy Markets

The world’s most populated continent is emerging a clear winner in the deployment of clean energy globally. Asia accounted for almost 60 percent of the 161 GW global renewable capacity installation in 2016, according to International Renewable Energy Agency, an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future.   By Viraj

nuclear energy, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, nuclear power plant

ASEAN Views Nuclear Energy as Long-Term Solution

To address growing energy demand, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) study conducted by its Centre for Energy unveiled ASEANs commitment to construct nuclear power plants for peaceful and commercial use, as discussed at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Energy Cooperation Sub-Sector Network in April 2017. By Jagdish Kumar During the meet,

Statkraft, Solar power, solar energy, renewable energy India, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar

Foreign Investors Heats up Solar Market

Norway, Australia, and Italy are some of the foreign investors keen to get a foothold in India’s solar energy market given India’s ambitious one hundred percent renewable energy target within the next five years. By Jagdish Kumar Working towards India’s 2019 deadline to generate a nationwide renewable energy target, Norwegian firm’s joint venture Statkraft BLP Solar

Autonomous Vehicle, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, driverless cars

Singapore Set for Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle race is on, with car giants teaming up with the Singapore Government to transform public transport by using autonomous vehicle technology for buses, taxis and its trucking industries. By Jagdish Kumar Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is aiming to migrate to self-driving technology across the country to drive efficiencies in public transport

INDVSTRVS, Callum Forrest, Healthcare, IoT, smart devices

Ageing Population Needs an IoT Solution for Healthcare Practitioners

Ageing population and prosperity is linked to the largest healthcare boom in Australia. The opportunities this presents for everyday Australians and private healthcare practitioners may lie in smart technology. By Dr Callum Forrest Australia, like many western countries, is going to see a significant shift in its demographic make-up over the next 40 years. In

tea culture, INDVSTRVS, Archana Khatri Das, tea, millennials

Tea Culture Booms as Middle Class Rises in India

While coffee has enjoyed strong consumption globally for the past decade, traditional tea culture is making a comeback in specialty tea houses across India where cashed-up millennials use apps to order and steep their brew prior to arrival. By Archana Khatri Das When the 18th Century English Writer Sydney Smith wrote in his memoir, “Thank

industrial cloud, joseph smith, INDVSTRVS, IIoT, IoT, M2M

Industrial Cloud Attracts Big Bets

With GE’s history of lightbulb moments and executing ahead of the curve, its heavy investment into Industrial Cloud, by bringing together the latest game changing technologies of our time, namely Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud, should have investors sitting up and paying attention. By Joseph Smith First trialing the services

non-major coastal ports, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar, Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young says Move Ports Trade & Save Billions

With global trade steadily increasing, India may save billions of dollars on infrastructure and transportation costs as well as potentially create ten million new jobs in the next decade, if trade is moved to non-major coastal ports, claims global consultancy firm Ernst & Young. By Jagdish Kumar According to a report by Ernst & Young,

INDVSTRVS, zika virus, Jagdish Kumar, IoT, Internet of Things

IoT Used to Fight Zika Virus

To help reduce mosquito-borne diseases such as the deadly zika virus and malaria, Indian state Andhra Pradesh will be the first region in the world to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technology to exterminate mosquito breeding grounds. By Jagdish Kumar According to the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program, about 95 percent of the Indian

fintech, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar, demonetisation

KPMG says Digitisation Hooks Venture Capital in Fintech

With the Indian Government focusing on digitisation of currency under its Digital India initiative, global consultancy firm KPMG’s latest report says many venture capital investors are going east, seeking investment opportunities in the fintech sector. By Jagdish Kumar KPMG asserts that the Indian Government’s heavy-handed emphasis on less cash and reduced cash transactions will attract

Navi Mumbai Airport, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, GVK

Navi Mumbai Airport Takes Off

After a ten-year battle to ease the congestion of Mumbai Airport, the hotly-contested Navi Mumbai Airport construction is ready to commence with an ambitious delivery date that some say is unrealistic. By Jagdish Kumar Hyderabad based conglomerate, GVK has won the bid to develop Mumbai’s second airport located at Navi Mumbai out bidding GMR Infrastructure,

solar power, africa, Archana Khatri Das, INDVSTRVS

Middle East & Africa as World Solar Power

Africa and the Middle East with abundant solar radiation have crossed the threshold of the learning curve in harnessing solar power. The countries in the two regions are now moving towards what can be called potential powerhouses of the world, only if the momentum set by international collaborations and private participation sustains it. By Archana

deep tech, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Deep Tech Renaissance Sweeps Europe & SE Asia

Innovation will take on a deeper meaning with Deep Tech start-ups showing feverish growth in Europe and India. The global market is expected to grow to AUD7.21 billion by 2020 from AUD529 million in 2014. It is likely to generate AUD61 billion revenue and replace 5 million jobs by 2020. By Jagdish Kumar Deep Technology

Jagdish Kumar, digital payments, demonetisation, INDVSTRVS

Digital Payments Worth USD500 billion by 2020

To curb the menace of black money and terror funding, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced that INR 500 (AUD10.02) and INR 1000 (AUD20.04) will no longer qualify as legal tender from midnight on 8 November 2016, which made up 86 percent of all rupees in circulation. The country appears to have coped

Autonomous Robots, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Army Enlists Autonomous Robots

As one of the world’s traditionally largest arms importer, India is developing its own artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous robots to cater for its growing defence forces needs as well as upgrading its armed forces with the latest technologies available in the market. By Jagdish Kumar The Center for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR) is

bitcoin, cryptocurrency RABFI, RBI, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Self-Regulatory Bitcoin Body DABFI Defies the Reserve Bank of India

When a movement officially regulates, it usually signals the legitimacy of an industry. In the case of bitcoin, for all its powerful detractors, the rapid uptake across the globe means the old bank guard either needs to adapt and be part of the change, or risk becoming forever outmoded. By Jagdish Kumar In order to

Satellites, space launch technology, Jagdish Kumar INDVSTRVS

Record Smashed with Simultaneous Launch of 104 Satellites

India has officially made its footprint in space technology with a bang, becoming the first country in the world to launch 104 satellites in early 2017. The satellites were launched by Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota state. The earlier record set was by

Archana Khatri Das, INDVSTRVS, robo-advisors, high frequency trading

Robo-Advisors Heat up GenYers

High-frequency trading and robo-advisors are using algorithms to make investment portfolios free of human bias, fear or greed. The algo-based automation is gradually changing the face of financial advising, and the way trading is taking place in stock exchanges across the world. By Archana Khatri Das Even the smartest of investors can slip up at times and get

solar power whitegoods, solar powered fridges, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar

Solar Power Whitegoods are Go

With Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk in talks with South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill to build a 100MWh battery farm in 100 days or it’s free to solve SA’s energy woes, 2017 looks set to be a hot year for all things solar. We chat about the latest solar power whitegoods launched around the globe. By

Joe Dirani, INDVSTRVS, ample property solutions, property investment

Steadfast Investment in Volatile Times

With market volatility, investment uncertainty due to geo-political destabilisation around the world, long-term investment planning can cause discomfort for conservative investors. Wealth Creation Specialist Joe Dirani explores the current investment vehicles available in Australia, and says property investment is a safe bet for long-term security. By Joe Dirani You can never be too young to start

mumbai, foreign direct investment, INDVSTRVS, Jagdish Kumar

All Eyes on Mumbai’s Millions

It’s official. Mumbai has been ranked the richest city in India, with a total wealth of AUD1.008 trillion according to a report recently released by global market research group New World Wealth in South Africa. With super cash injections from China over recent years, India is fast becoming a foreign direct investment powerhouse. By Jagdish

solar farm, solar entrepreneurs, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS

Social Enterprise Meets Solar Power in India

The Indian Government has set a target to generate 100 GW from solar power by 2022 through solar farms, rooftop solar and off grid-solar plants construction in largely remote, rural communities. To do this, India is combining its commitment to create a sustainable renewables energy market with a social enterprise – to train, and empower

rentvesting, INDVSTRVS, Joe Dirani, Ample Property Solutions

Rentvesting in Sydney Markets

Our resident Wealth Creation Specialist from Ample Property Solutions, Joe Dirani weighs the odds of rentvesting versus long-term investment yields for millennials who take their retirement planning seriously. By Joe Dirani GenYers and millennials have had the adage ‘buy the worst house in the best street’ drummed into them since they were little Saturday morning

wind energy

Wind Energy Boon from Monsoon

With India’s insatiable growth for energy demand, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay Civil Engineering Professor Deo says that coastal cities like Mumbai and Chennai have enormous wind energy harvesting potential during the monsoon months to more than adequately meet India’s spike in energy consumption – and attract greater foreign investment in wind farm


The NBN – Moving beyond the Real Politik to Market Dynamism

There is a curious circus that public discourse descends into whenever the NBN is paraded about by the Australian Coalition or Opposition Parties. Which mob is spending money on rockets and sharks and which mob are the clowns – we’ll leave that for the public to speculate. Nonetheless, someone is funding this circus – the

Internet of Things

Hooba Dooba! It’s the Crazy Internet of Things

When George Jetson exclaimed ‘Hooba Dooba!’ to express his wonderment at technological domesticity in his Skypad apartment, we too can delight in the quaint, yet uncanny futurist 1960s cartoon premise of life in Orbit City – what we now realise as Smart Cities in 2017. With the Internet of Things, the future has officially arrived

Spanx, INDVSTRVS, Di Mace

Every Business Needs a Spanx Story

Much has been written about the importance of genesis stories and how the stories surrounding a brand can either make it, or break it. Nowhere does that ring truer than for those brands driven by a purpose or ideal greater than themselves and their own success. For them, their start-up story activates, animates and authenticates

Dr Callum Forrest, INDVSTRVS

Perfect Posture equals Premium Performance and Productivity

The newest most powerful productivity hack could be standing right in front of you, quite literally! Dr Callum Forrest explains why our posture plays much more of a role than first thought and the science on why productivity and posture are linked is solid. By Dr Callum Forrest Task orientated people will agree they are most


Five Quick Flavours for Lip-Smacking Content

Ice cream is loved the world over. It’s a special treat, comfort food and a memory maker… Just the thought of it fills us with so much feel-goodness, that we can’t help but say mmmm. Hold onto the feeling as that’s exactly what great content should do…be memorable, tasty and leave us wanting more… By