INDVSTRVS, Joanne Leila Smith, Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow Airport expansion

Emma Gilthorpe – A People Mobiliser

After the world recovered from the shock of Britain voting to leave the EU in June 2016, socio-economic and political uncertainty still prevails. However, if the recent green light by the UK Government in October 2016 for Heathrow to proceed

Dent Global, Glen Carlson, Joanne Leila Smith, INDVSTRVS

Glen Carlson – on Unleashing Value

SMBs take heed. There’s one take home message from COO of Dent Global, Glen Carlson – be brave. We chat with Carlson, the cofounder of Australia’s ninth fastest growing business advisory firm on why committing to your fullest self-expression is

Robert Tran, Joanne Leila Smith, INDVSTRVS, ROBENNY Corporation, Capital Investment Group Shanghai

Robert Tran – The CEO of CEOs

On the rare occasion, we chance upon an extraordinarily talented human being. We did just that when we had the privilege to chat with the rock star of the global business community, Robert Tran. As CEO of ROBENNY Corporation’s US,

urban agriculture

John Stoddard – A Sky Farmer

Taking the world by storm all within a ten-minute ride from his office, co-founder of Higher Ground Farm John Stoddard, combines his passion for urban agriculture with rooftop farming to deliver fabulously fresh food to a community in Boston. By

INDVSTRVS, Joanne Leila Smith, Sergei Sergienko, Chronobank

Sergei Sergienko – The Time Trader

CEO of Chronobank Sergei Sergienko is on a mission to create a better human labour trading system by using a cryptocurrency that is backed by time, through blockchain technology.  If there’s one takeaway message Sergienko wants people to consider, it’s 

Ian Darling, Gabrielle Martinovich, Joane Leila Smith, INDVSTRVS, Good Pitch Australia, Shark Tank Institute, Philanthropy Australia

Ian Darling – A Generous Pitch

Philanthropy in Australia has shifted from one-off funding towards investments that become a catalyst for greater social change. Central to this shift is increased integration and alignment of social activities to deliver shared value, and greater collaboration across non-government funders,



MENA, Jagdish Kumar, INDVSTRVS, Dubai, tech hub, digital economy, UAEstartups

UAE Leads Investment in Digital Worth AUD 1.07 Billion

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has attracted growing foreign investment of AUD 1.07 billion in its digital sector during the past three years.  For the fourth


David Allen, Joseph Smith, INDVSTRVS, getting things done, time management

Get Out of Strife and Index Your Life

If you’re super busy, the work pile is growing and in your dreams you’re always running naked, late for a train, Technologist Joseph Smith has


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