Get Untriggered

Knowledge is power. Power is Knowledge. Whatever school of thought you subscribe to, there is one thing on which we can all agree – once we identify our triggers, we


Curated Collections

  • Single Malt and Fats Waller Collection, INDVSTRVS

    Tapping my shoe solo in a dark room in Soho
    Last drinks called at Ronnie Scott’s Sunday session.
    Someone yelled ‘Sam!’ then wrote Fats Waller a Letter
    While I swirled single malt and reclined in my mind.

  • Flight from Moscow Collection, INDVSTRVS

    I tipped two thousand rubles in the silver tray
    at the Klava Bar in Patriarch Ponds
    Where men sounded like men and
    Women whistled in black leather under chandeliers.

  • Coffee Cream in São Paulo Collection by INDVSTRVS

    My client arrives in eight and a half minutes.
    Clotted cream laced with coffee bean in yellow ceramic.
    I let the sweet fluffy peaks swirl in my mouth
    A quiet moment of private joy in a public space.