Kate Thiele – Clarifying Business for Purpose

The Australian Institute of Company Directors held its second Australian Governance Summit in Melbourne early March 2017, and the sentiment was unanimous; shareholder primacy must make room for social cohesion. We spoke with the considered and well-respected triple 2015 Telstra

INDVSTRVS, Joanne Leila Smith, Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow Airport expansion

Emma Gilthorpe – A People Mobiliser

After the world recovered from the shock of Britain voting to leave the EU in June 2016, socio-economic and political uncertainty still prevails. However, if the recent green light by the UK Government in October 2016 for Heathrow to proceed

INDVSTRVS, Joanne Leila Smith, Sergei Sergienko, Chronobank

Sergei Sergienko – The Time Trader

CEO of Chronobank Sergei Sergienko is on a mission to create a better human labour trading system by using a cryptocurrency that is backed by time, through blockchain technology.  If there’s one takeaway message Sergienko wants people to consider, it’s 

Joey Williams, Joanne Leila Smith, INDVSTRVS, The Enemy Within

Joey Williams – The Pensive Pugilist

After spending a day in Wiradjuri Country with former NRL player turned professional boxer Joey Williams, we left feeling humbled by his journey to establish The Enemy Within; an ambassador charity with Suicide Prevention Australia that educates at-risk youths. For

Jason Hincks, Joanne Leila Smith, INDVSTRVS, shared value, Karrikins Group

Jason Hincks – The Brand Builder

With so many norms exploding in the socio-political arena of late, hundred-year-old business norms are also shifting to the new. We chat with global consulting firm, Karrikins Group CEO, Jason Hincks about Shared Value, and why organisations must pivot towards

urban agriculture

John Stoddard – A Sky Farmer

Taking the world by storm all within a ten-minute ride from his office, co-founder of Higher Ground Farm John Stoddard, combines his passion for urban agriculture with rooftop farming to deliver fabulously fresh food to a community in Boston. By

Dent Global, Glen Carlson, Joanne Leila Smith, INDVSTRVS

Glen Carlson – on Unleashing Value

SMBs take heed. There’s one take home message from COO of Dent Global, Glen Carlson – be brave. We chat with Carlson, the cofounder of Australia’s ninth fastest growing business advisory firm on why committing to your fullest self-expression is

Dirk Ziekenheiner, Joanne Leila Smith

Dirk Ziekenheiner – A Fairdinkum Firey

While most of us go about our day job relatively stress-free, Senior Firefighter Dirk Ziekenheiner digs deep daily to help others in oftentimes life-threatening situations. Instead of finding a serious chap, we were delighted to spend an afternoon with a

Jessican Pedemont, Joanne Leila Smith, Chocolate Artisan

Jessica Pedemont – Lo Chef Cioccolato

If there ever was a title for the kind of person who has a natural aptitude for life and unapologetically owns it – Sydney-based Chef and Chocolatier Jessica Pedemont would be a serious heavy-weight contender. We chat with an extraordinary

Paul Fischmann

Paul Fischmann – The Boutique Baron

From his days collecting rent in gritty inner-city backpacker hostels to becoming a major hotel management force in Australia, CEO of 8 Hotels Group Paul Fischmann talks about scaling back to basics and doing what he does best – redefining