INDVSTRVSSeptember 5, 2017

Our sense of belonging is not just rooted in seeing reflections of the same faces in our streets, but in acknowledging that all peoples share the same desire for self-determination, and, to have a place to call home. We chat with Pro Bono Australia 2016 !MPACT25 Winner, Executive Director of RACS, Tanya Jackson-Vaughan on the formidable challenges they face in helping people seeking asylum find refuge in Australia.

INDVSTRVSMay 5, 2017

Philanthropy in Australia has shifted from one-off funding towards investments that become a catalyst for greater social change. Central to this shift is increased integration and alignment of social activities to deliver shared value, and greater collaboration across non-government funders, government and non-profit organisations. Leading the way is film director, producer and 2017 Philanthropy Award’s leading philanthropist, Ian Darling. Combining philanthropy with documentary film making, Darling brings together a compelling blend of business practice and investment to focus on social issues through stories.