INDVSTRVSMarch 11, 2020

According to NTT Ltd APAC Director Intelligent Workplace Pranay Anand, connected customers expect a hyper-personalized, effortless experience, however only 17% of customers in Asia Pacific rate brand experiences as fully satisfactory with satisfaction around AI and robotics experiences faring much worse...

INDVSTRVSJuly 11, 2019

Ranked among the top 50 in the world in robotics testing, Sastra Robotics is making a splash in India with its human-machine interactions testing to make products markets ready. We chat with Co-Founder Akhil A on the challenges they faced as a tech start-up in a non-tech town.

INDVSTRVSJuly 11, 2017

After starting his first business at 19, publishing 16 books within a three-year period and building a successful education enterprise by the time he was 30, serial entrepreneur turned technologist Dale Beaumont says he lives for the future. After successfully launching BRiN, a 24/7 business advisor app in 2016, Beaumont has big ambitions for building bots and benevolence.

INDVSTRVSJune 17, 2017

Some researchers suggest that ‘electronic persons’ will surpass human intelligence by 2050, potentially making humans obsolete. This scenario invites the discussion on whether a universal standard of ethics and obligations needs to be developed, and enforced upon manufacturers of artificial intelligence.