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Andrew Constantine, Joanne Leila Smith, CIO Cyber Security, INDVSTRVS, Cyber Security

Andrew Constantine – The Cyber Fire-Starter


With the world on a seemingly deterministic course towards automation and Internet of Things (IoT), the adaptation and integration of new protocols, bots and devices into our work and home environments means individuals and organisations will be increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We chatted with one of Australia’s youngest rising tech...

Voluntourism, INDVSTRVS, tourism, voluntary tourism, international development, Kumar S

Voluntourism the New Vocation Vacation


Nothing gets a consumer feeling good about a spend than justifying it with a social cause. The Voluntourism industry, while unregulated, is booming. We take a look at the history, the problematics and the positives of this lucrative international trade. Kumar S.  Five hundred years ago, famed British explorer John...

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Get Untriggered


Knowledge is power. Power is Knowledge. Whatever school of thought you subscribe to, there is one thing on which we can all agree – once we identify our triggers, we can then know how to best manage them to live a relatively untriggered life – no matter what challenges lie...

Second Payment Services Directive, PSD2, Joseph Smith, INDVSTRVS, banking, finance, fintech

PSD2 Heralds New Age of Banking in EU 2018


While the fault line has been forming for some time, it is about to turn into the Grand Canyon with banks on one side, and tech companies on the other. As of January 2018, the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations come into effect across the European Union enabling businesses...

Igor Khmel, Joanne Leila Smith, Joseph Smith, INDVSTRVS, Fintech, BankEx, cryptocurrency, banking, finance, bank-as-a-service, blockchain

Igor Khmel – Inside the Fintech Mine


BANKEX may become a stampede of unicorns with founder and CEO Igor Khmel riding the one with wings at the front of the pack… We chat with NYC-Moscow-Hong Kong based Khmel on all things fintech and why true disruption of the banking sector is an insiders’ game. By Joanne Leila...

baba Ramdev, INDVSTRVS, Patanjali Ayurved, Archana Khatri Das

Baba Ramdev Overpowers FMCG Sector in India


Ascetics (colloquially known as babas) in India are re-inventing themselves as business gurus. The well-known baba Ramdev has not only become the de facto brand ambassador of yoga in India and abroad, he is also powering Patanjali Ayurved, an FMCG brand which has disrupted the mojo of deep-pocketed domestic and...

world kindness movement, michael lloyd-white, joanne leila smith, INDVSTRVS

The Coalition of the Good-Willing Part I – The Courage to Be Kind


With World Kindness Day coming up on 13 November, we invited the former General Secretary of the World Kindness Movement, Sydney-based Michael Lloyd-White to share, in a four-part series during the month of November, his five-year journey in taking kindness around the globe, and, why choosing kindness in business is...