INDVSTRVSApril 1, 2020

Renowned international human trafficking expert, Mekong Club CEO Matthew Friedman discusses how the impact of COVID-19 may severely impact global supply chains within the next six months, and as a result, human trafficking may spike as traffickers seek to take advantage of mass-layoffs among societies' most vulnerable - the working poor.

INDVSTRVSDecember 21, 2018

With the recent passing of H.R.2200 Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2018 in the US Senate on December 17, we were fortunate to chat with the Co-Founder and Executive VP of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives Robert Benz about how this will help impact kids’ lives in the US education system should it pass into law in 2019.

INDVSTRVSSeptember 4, 2018

With prosecutions on the rise, multi-national businesses can no longer cry ignorant when it comes to weak, supply chain governance. According to Hong Kong-based Mekong Club CEO Matthew Friedman, Modern Slavery is a global issue that requires a collective goal – and if the abolishers of slavery from the 1800s could mobilise to effect change, so too can big business.