INDVSTRVSJune 12, 2020

Business Email Compromise attacks is a sophisticated scam that aims to transfer funds from victims’ bank accounts to criminals. The FBI’s 2019 Internet Crime Report states that the total annual losses generated by BEC in the US alone reached USD 1.7 billion. BEC scams also accounted for half of all cybercrime losses in the US in 2019, making BEC the #1 cyber threat in terms of economic damage. Check Point Software Technologies Regional Director Southeast Asia Evan Dumas discusses why there is a sudden increase in BEC attacks and shares how businesses can reduce vulnerabilities.

INDVSTRVSDecember 10, 2019

We chat with some serious talent from HackerOne; Co-founder and CTO Alex Rice on his recent visit to Singapore to discuss security, software and building consumer trust and the young winner of the second bug bounty challenge with the Ministry of Defence, Singapore MINDEF2.0, Space Raccoon.