INDVSTRVSSeptember 27, 2019

As more than half of Singaporean businesses believe that AI will replace jobs, many are actively retraining employees to prepare for the age of automation. CEO and Founder of LivePerson Rob LoCascio says business leaders need to foster an ethical mindset so that AI does not become the tech that divides us.

INDVSTRVSDecember 14, 2018

Ericsson releases its 10 Hot Consumer Trends report 2019 this week, highlighting hardcore early adopters’ perceptions of new technologies. What has emerged are some interesting philosophical and practical considerations, most interestingly, the notion of mental obesity; with 34% of respondents expecting critical thinking to disappear due to the overuse of virtual assistants.

INDVSTRVSOctober 1, 2018

Sentient Cities have arrived. Problems are noted, intelligent solutions are proposed and the outcome is better quality of life for people living in urban environments...and yes, capital outlay is huge, but it is O! So worth it.