INDVSTRVSApril 12, 2018

Working with a corporate psychopath must be one of the most difficult challenges for any leader or team member to experience in their career. Trying to manage this kind of personality with kindness is not however, impossible. Chief Advisor to World Kindness USA Michael Lloyd-White shares how it’s done…

INDVSTRVSMarch 29, 2018

With the quiet admonition by former US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, urging colleagues on Capitol Hill to seek ‘kindness’ in a ‘very mean-spirited town’ last week, we are reminded that practising leadership and kindness is not a dichotomy.

INDVSTRVSFebruary 28, 2018

What makes a human a sentient being is the ability to ask ‘why?’ Senior Advisor to the WKUSA Board Michael Lloyd-White unpacks some of the myths of kindness and why a culture of compliance takes away our ability to exercise personal judgement – particularly in situations where kindness should usurp the rule book…