Best Online Trading Platforms For Investors of All Ilks

Best Online Trading Platforms For Investors of All Ilks

December 11, 2019

Business24-7, a leading industry source of gold and forex trading experts, shares a shortlist of the best online trading platforms from beginners to the most seasoned investors.

When you’re using stockbroker services, you won’t necessarily get to manage your own portfolio and you’ll need to be heavily dependent on your stockbroker for help — which is why many people prefer to be self-autonomous and use online stock brokers instead. Online stock brokers tend to have lower costs, and, it enables investors to do their own market research to analyze various stocks and trade patterns.

To help investors make the most informed decisions, we’ve put together a list of the best online trading platforms available on the market today:

Fidelity Investments is well known for being the lowest costing online brokerage. They provide great market intelligence resources, numerous broker tools and you won’t have to pay a single cent for commission fees for stocks and ETF trades! Clients have rated their trade executions and accuracy to be excellent, alongside being the perfect platform for beginners. This is mainly due to the fact that Fidelity Investments has a very detailed research system that will support beginners by providing all the market knowledge needed.

Fidelity Investments is only open to US customers and they have to sign onto multiple platforms just to gain access to the different trading tools. Clients also need not worry about needing an account minimum. So, if you’re based in the US, Fidelity may be the best platform for you to set up your own portfolio.

E*Trade is probably one of the oldest online discount brokers around and this means that you can trust their online services to be one of the more extensive and knowledgeable ones on the internet. Not only do they provide streaming strategy options, but there are also performance risk tools for clients to test their portfolios — all of these benefits can be enjoyed with zero commission fees charged.

 Some minor cons are that the online E*Trade is only accessible on desktop applications, and there is a lack of bank account integration. Also E*Trades have high margin rates. Nevertheless, it remains an ideal online brokerage platform for desktop users and it caters to both the beginners and advanced investors.

TD Ameritrade is for the type of investor who switches between passive and active trading depending on the market.

It’s the best kind of online brokerage service for every trader because it lets you trade and test various trades on a range of platforms. They’ve got a broad range of research options a customizable news feed just so you can constantly be at the top of your game with the latest investment trends.

Aside from the online broker courses that teach investors about how to best utilize the site, clients can tap into social media platforms to get additional support or reach out to others. The mobile application isn’t as high-tech as the desktop version and the website isn’t fool-proof.  TD Ameritrade truly prioritizes customer experience; everyone, be it beginner or not, gets to enjoy its benefits of low-cost trading and discount brokerage.

Acorns may be the most suitable for those who have absolutely no investment experience. Beginner investors tend to get easily overwhelmed with investment risks and have not much clue as to how they should personalize a portfolio; but with Acorns’ highly customizable user-experience, beginners can opt for a hands-off, passive investing experience without needing extensive investment knowledge.

Given that Acorns has an automated investments feature available in EFTs, based on recommendations derived from one’s personal information, new clients will get a hang of the investment procedures in no time.

The personalized recommendations exposes beginners to the patterns of the market and encourages them to become more confident investors. That being said, Acorns does charge fees.

Charles Schwab is well-known for its low-cost services. Clients love their online stock broker platform because they don’t charge for ETF or stocks, and even the options trading commission fees are free-of-charge as well. Moreover, should any clients be dissatisfied with any chargeable services, they can request for a refund.

Charles Schwab guarantees its clients to get refunds as long as they’re unhappy with the charged services — its platform is aimed at making sure clients get the top investing experience, which explains why it’s so popular among online investors.

Although Charles Schwab does have higher margin rates than the average online stockbrokers, they’re still a preferred platform for investors because they offer full banking features and clients can even opt to attain guidance from financial advisors. Be it full-service financial advice or independent and passive trading experience, Charles Schwab will be sure to give you the best of both worlds with its intuitive online brokerage tools.

Interactive Brokers is for active traders in the market. They’ve got a high-caliber platform that boosts investment opportunities with its multitude of tools and easy access to professional advisors. When you use Interactive brokers, you’ll get to trade on 120 different markets across 30 countries and you’ll get to vary with 23 currency types. Plus, you can easily enhance your portfolio with the advanced analysis tools they provide.

While Interactive Brokers is for the frequent traders, not everyone would love the chargeable fees they’ve got. For accounts under USD 100,000, traders have got to earn at least USD 10 for commissions each month or else they’ll be charged the difference, which can go up to USD 10. There’s also a chargeable fee of USD 0.005 per share for the standard platform and traders must be willing to invest at least USD 2,000 and more. All in all, it is a flawless online stock broker platform for traders, but you’ll need to be very active on a daily or weekly basis to make the most out of your investments.

Investment is never an easy skill to master. You’ve got to constantly be on the top of your game. Some trading platforms allow you to trade funds and stocks easily, at your expense of incurring hidden costs like high-interest margin rates — this is the last thing you’ll want if you’re an active trader.


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