INDVSTRVSJuly 16, 2018

The increase of cross-cultural influence and tech, health food trends and captured fish practices in the food industry are leading to a surge in seafood consumption, with the global fisheries market estimated to be worth over USD 200 billion by 2020, according to market research firm Million Insights.

INDVSTRVSJune 26, 2018

While the Agency Men in Black Ball 2018 held at the Pan Pacific in Perth, Western Australia in June was filled with glamour glitz and plenty of spritz, beyond the bedazzlers the Most Inspiring Man of the Year Award recipient, Chief Advisor to WKUSA Michael Lloyd-White says to create a culture of belonging starts with not being scared to speak out or stand up for what’s right – regardless of perceived social norms or fear of exclusion.

INDVSTRVSJune 22, 2018

One the most introspective Australian Artists to burst on the art scene in New York City with her solo exhibition, Postcard from Australia, is former Celebrity Photographer, now self-confessed ‘Fine Artist’ Hulia Boz. We spent a quiet evening unpacking Australian perspectives in art and why following one’s dream is nobody’s business but your own.

INDVSTRVSJune 11, 2018

We salute the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) which has effectively scaled to alleviate poverty and empower millions of people to establish businesses to support their families in impoverished regions. Through a multi-faceted approach combining education, healthcare and initiatives that encourage self-determination, BRAC has managed to achieve the status of the largest, fastest-growing non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the world.