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Wellness and Wellbeing at Work, Works


Organisations that prioritise staff wellbeing sends a clear message to employees that they matter. As October is Mental Health Month in Australia, we share some top tips for leaders to help colleagues reduce anxiety and improve productivity… By Shuchita Dua Dullu Anyone who has been under deadline on an important...

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How Not to be Culturally Unremarkable


The death of any brand is to be viewed as culturally unremarkable. We unpack what organisational culture means and how good culture turns employees into happy brand ambassadors. By Shuchita Dua Dullu Scholars have identified corporate culture as a multi-layered construct, comprising of a range of complex social phenomena. An...

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Bathrooms Become ‘Wellness Spaces’


Bathrooms are increasingly moving beyond utility to becoming an extension of experimental living spaces. In India, it is USD 2 billion industry that is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 17-18 percent per year, and is estimated to grow by 20 percent in the next five years. By...

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USD 97 Trillion Needed for BRICS by 2040


With developing economies, such as BRICS countries moving towards maturation, the emphasis on infrastructure spending is increasing. According to a report ‘Global Infrastructure Outlook’, USD 93 trillion is needed to meet global infrastructure growth demands by 2040. By Jagdish Kumar According to a Global Infrastructure Hub report, of the USD...

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Talent Development is a Perpetual Strategic Priority


We share the latest talent development research on how to create a culture that develops, nurtures and retains your company’s most valued employees. By Tulika C Sarkar Plenty of theories abound on the origin of talent. Award winning journalist Daniel Coyle says that ‘talent is not born, it is grown’. Traditionally,...

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Japan Plans Cyber Security Hub for 2020 Summer Olympics

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Japan is taking cyber security threats very seriously, with its plan to set up a cyber security hub to protect infrastructure during the 2020 Paralympics and Summer Olympics Games in Tokyo. By Jagdish Kumar The new cyber security centre will share all information with Government agencies and companies that operate...

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Managing Reputational Risks on Social Media


While Social Media is an invaluable and inexpensive way for organisations to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, when things go wrong, the spiral into a PR-crisis is immediate and brutal. We chat about ways to contain the odd spot fire from spreading like wildfire. By Archana Khatri Das When...

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Scientists Develop Star Wars Style 3D Holograms


Scientists from the University of Utah in the US have developed a new way to make low-cost 3D holograms that are more realistic than holograms in the Star Wars series. By Jagdish Kumar The new method was developed by American-Indian Scientist, Associate Professor Rajesh Menon from University of Utah (UU)...

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Proparco, Ecobank Inks Millions for EU-West Africa Trade


French Development Agency’s private sector financing arm Proparco signed a USD 50 million trade finance guarantee agreement with pan-African banking group Ecobank to boost trade between France and West African countries. By Jagdish Kumar The French financier is looking to expand its operations in West Africa, which will help accelerate...