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The Dishonest Interviewee


Using what researchers from the University of Guelph call ‘deceptive impression management’,  job seekers will often bend the facts to fit what the interviewers are looking for. Joel Willis We all know the clichés that appear on CVs time and time again, the type that produce lines of carbon copy...

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ASEAN Views Nuclear Energy as Long-Term Solution


To address growing energy demand, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) study conducted by its Centre for Energy unveiled ASEANs commitment to construct nuclear power plants for peaceful and commercial use, as discussed at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Energy Cooperation Sub-Sector Network in April 2017. By...

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Demotivational Posters Keep it Real


The birth of Demotivation Posters in the office managed to not only subvert declarations of corporate positivity, its honest take on the realities of working life achieved far greater workplace solidarity than any hired-gun corporates wheel in to get the troops fired up… By Joel Willis Head into any office space...

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Foreign Investors Heats up Solar Market


Norway, Australia, and Italy are some of the foreign investors keen to get a foothold in India’s solar energy market given India’s ambitious one hundred percent renewable energy target within the next five years. By Jagdish Kumar Working towards India’s 2019 deadline to generate a nationwide renewable energy target, Norwegian firm’s...

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Singapore Set for Autonomous Vehicles


The autonomous vehicle race is on, with car giants teaming up with the Singapore Government to transform public transport by using autonomous vehicle technology for buses, taxis and its trucking industries. By Jagdish Kumar Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is aiming to migrate to self-driving technology across the country to...

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Most Viewed Viral Clips of 2016


Streaming video content continues to capture the biggest eyeballs in storytelling. From quirky tunes, drama, sport and to the US election, we’ve put together a short-list of the most viewed viral clips from around the world in 2016. If we understand just why each one went viral, we’d share the...

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Ageing Population Needs an IoT Solution for Healthcare Practitioners


Ageing population and prosperity is linked to the largest healthcare boom in Australia. The opportunities this presents for everyday Australians and private healthcare practitioners may lie in smart technology. By Dr Callum Forrest Australia, like many western countries, is going to see a significant shift in its demographic make-up over...

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Tea Culture Booms as Middle Class Rises in India


While coffee has enjoyed strong consumption globally for the past decade, traditional tea culture is making a comeback in specialty tea houses across India where cashed-up millennials use apps to order and steep their brew prior to arrival. By Archana Khatri Das When the 18th Century English Writer Sydney Smith...

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Industrial Cloud Attracts Big Bets


With GE’s history of lightbulb moments and executing ahead of the curve, its heavy investment into Industrial Cloud, by bringing together the latest game changing technologies of our time, namely Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud, should have investors sitting up and paying attention. By Joseph...