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Record Smashed with Simultaneous Launch of 104 Satellites


India has officially made its footprint in space technology with a bang, becoming the first country in the world to launch 104 satellites in early 2017. The satellites were launched by Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota state. The...

Archana Khatri Das, INDVSTRVS, robo-advisors, high frequency trading

Robo-Advisors Heat up GenYers


High-frequency trading and robo-advisors are using algorithms to make investment portfolios free of human bias, fear or greed. The algo-based automation is gradually changing the face of financial advising, and the way trading is taking place in stock exchanges across the world. By Archana Khatri Das Even the smartest of investors can slip...

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Emma Gilthorpe – A People Mobiliser


After the world recovered from the shock of Britain voting to leave the EU in June 2016, socio-economic and political uncertainty still prevails. However, if the recent green light by the UK Government in October 2016 for Heathrow to proceed with the hotly-contested Heathrow Airport expansion is anything to go...

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Paspaley Kimberley Bracelet


PASPALEY KIMBERLEY BRACELET Australiana never looked so darn refined with Paspaley’s inspired WA Kimberley ranges bracelet featuring sandalwood baubles and Australian South Sea Pearls. Paspaley has teamed up with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and has pledged 25% from each bracelet to be donated to the cancer division at the Garvan Institute. This...

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Grown Alchemist


GROWN ALCHEMIST PERSIAN ROSE The name invokes fragrant midnight gardens, nightingales and fountains covered in rose petals all conveniently bottled into a pastel pink tube of hydrating hand cream. Grown Alchemist has delivered an intensive hand cream delicately scented with persian rose, tamanu oil and argan extract with vitamin A...

Reiss Picton Suitcase, INDVSTRVS, Concierge Clvb

Reiss Picton Suitcase


REISS PICTON SUITCASE We challenge you to find a more elegant and timeless travel companion than Reiss’s Picton Suitcase crafted from white linen with black leather trim. Teaming up with iconic travel accessories company SteamLine Luggage, this aesthetically pleasing wheelie is going to get you into VIP airport lounges without...

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Longines Equestrian Collection


LONGINES EQUESTRIAN COLLECTION You know you’re onto something special when a product no longer needs a name, but a number. The L6. pays homage to all the sassy ladies who rock jodhpurs and takes first prize in Dressage. We love Longines little horsey nod with the stainless steel stirrups and...

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Fred Perry Kingston Twill


FRED PERRY KINGSTON TWILL You don’t have to be a tennis pro to look the deal with Fred Perry’s classic plimsoll in cotton twill. Leave the racket at home and stroll down to your local for an afternoon ale or dark ‘n stormy and the ladies will be all over your...

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ZemZem Atelier | Paulo Consentino


ZEMZEM ATELIER | PAULO CONSENTINO Think centuries’ old bazaars, snake charmers and intrigue in the narrow lanes of Istanbul all captured in a dynamic scarf by Brazilian Artist Paul Consentino. Consentino’s third collaboration with ZemZem Atelier does not disappoint. Hand crocheted, 100 percent silk blend, this 1.15m x 1.15m Carré shaped scarf is...