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ESG Investing Trends in Asia


Environmental, social and governance investing (ESG) is gaining traction, with a University of Oxford study suggesting strong sustainability practices deliver better investment performance over time. By Viraj Desai Asian countries are adopting the ESG norms at a much slower pace as compared to western counterparts. Currently, more than 72 percent...

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Indian Railways Launches Two Cent Health Clinic


To provide affordable emergency health care services to commuters, Indian Railways in conjunction with Magicdil Health opened a two-cent 24-hour health clinic, popularly known as the ‘One Rupee Clinic’. By Jagdish Kumar The first clinic was opened in Central Railway, one of seventeen railway zones headquartered in Mumbai in a...

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Cirrus Aircraft Launches World’s Cheapest Private Jet


With a view to provide affordable corporate jet services, US-based aircraft manufacturer, Cirrus Aircraft launched Vision Jet, valued at AUD 2.62 million. In the category of very light jets, Cirrus claims it’s the cheapest corporate jet available on the market as the average market rate of Business Jets is around...

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Androids Herd Electric Sheep


Australia’s rural communities face a range of increasingly complex issues that decision makers and the communities, themselves, must confront if they are to maintain the sustainability of these cities and towns.  Take the greater introduction of robots and farming automation.  The use of these will be profound, increasing farm efficiency...

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E-Waste in Asia is Everyone’s Responsibility


If you’re thinking of upgrading your phone that still works, go ahead, but spare a thought for the number of devices ending up as electronic waste in landfills. By Viraj Desai While electronic waste was a problem that existed even a decade back, the availability of mobile phones and other...

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Hatem Alakeel – Design Without Borders


We spent a delightful evening unveiling layers of meaning behind the fabrics of Saudi Designer and Entrepreneur Hatem Alakeel of fashion label, toby. With a diverse fan base from the likes of Christian Louboutin to Snoop Dogg, to Royalty, there’s a reason why Alakeel’s threads are turning heads. His signature...

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Data is New Colonialism


Data is not the new oil. It is the new land that is being rapidly colonised by corporations with the means to exploit this new resource. By Joseph Smith We are giving up our details hand over fist for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, free applications and subscriptions and inadvertently in...

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Employee Utopia Found on Planets Google and Facebook


We discuss why Google and Facebook’s Employee Engagement Programs makes them the hottest ticket in the tech employee galaxy. By Shuchita Dua Dullu  Keeping employees engaged is the biggest challenge Human Resource professionals face today. In the United States alone, 70 per cent of workers don’t like their job, are less...

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Chile Constructs World’s Largest Telescope


Construction of the World’s largest telescope has commenced in Chile. Located on a 3,000-metre-high mountain in the middle of the Atacama Desert, this project is funded by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), a consortium which includes Brazil, Germany, France and Britain. By Jagdish Kumar Conceived by the ESO, The European...

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The Rights and Obligations of Robots


Some researchers suggest that ‘electronic persons’ will surpass human intelligence by 2050, potentially making humans obsolete. This scenario invites the discussion on whether a universal standard of ethics and obligations needs to be developed, and enforced upon manufacturers of artificial intelligence. By Archana Khatri Das With the rapid advancement of...