INDVSTRVS was launched in November 2016. It is currently the only digital cross-sector publication that produces 100% long-form editorials with a focus on international development, innovation and human excellence in business.

Our brand promise is No Clickbait. No Gossip. Just Business.

INDVSTRVS is also a world first platform for the #FreelContentJournalism Movement. Our market position is that online content should be free and real – i.e. no third party sponsored content or paid advertorials. Stories are selected by quality, merit and relevance to the reader.

It is our professional opinion that by removing traditional advertising revenue models in media, fake news and spreading of propaganda will be much harder to propagate.

As far as we are aware, most of our competitors publish paid content and unverifiable gossip, which is often masked as editorial. This is an extraordinary practice given it goes against international best practice standards in Journalism.

To this end, our aim is to bring integrity back into Journalism, by building the platform, lead by example, and then disseminate our message through educational institutions in the hope that the next generation of Journalists understand that without integrity, Journalism is reduced to nothing more than propaganda.

If you stand for what we stand for, we want to hear from you. Email Joanne at editor@indvstrvs.com